Ferro Aluminum

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Ferroaluminum is an alloy which is formed by combining iron and aluminum. Ferroaluminum is primarily used as a de-oxidation agent for steel, as well as for moulding in combination with scrap copper and carbon steel. Ferroaluminum as an additive to the production process of amorphous metals will impart several desirable properties upon the resulting alloy. One of the primary benefits of adding ferroaluminum to an alloy is to increase the new alloy’s sensitivity to heat.
Ferroaluminum as ferroaluminum Thermite is an agent that when ignited and mixed, can give off super extreme amounts of heat. Although this reactant is stable at room temperature, it will burn via an extremely intense exothermic reaction. The largest practical applications of ferroaluminum are its use in ferrous alloys, and depending on the aluminum content range, use is best suited for deoxidization, welding electrode manufacture and hard limited facing applications. We provide our ferroaluminum in two grades of 40 and 50 with the following specifications.

فرو آلومینیوم Ferroaluminum 2
فرو آلومینیوم Ferroaluminum

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